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Not all temporary bleacher installations are easy!  In fact most are not.  Some need tremendous amounts of labor to meet a specific time frame for the project and some can be smaller events that need bleachers in an unusual site.  Angle frame bleachers always require a flat and solid foundation for placement but sometimes the foundation needs to be protected from the framing.  This usually occurs when they are installed on a wood floor such as a gym or in the of the project in this article, a bowling alley.

The client requested bleachers be placed down a bowling lane for the event.  In order to carry out this we first needed to lay down a protective layer to protect the existing surface. We used a carpet padding and then added the carpet as well to make a protective surface.

The next step in the installation process is to hand carry all the materials into the facility which in this projects case was over a 200’ walk.  After the materials have been brought in the framing is installed to make a secure structure.

Once the framing is in place and secure, the decking is installed as well as the safety fence and all the other required safety features of the bleacher.  After the bleachers have been completed it is time for the client to complete the set up of the event and as they say… “That’s a wrap”

Bleachers in a Bowling Alley

Completed Bowling Alley Bleacher Installation Project