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Long term bleacher rentalIn late November Rental Bleachers Inc. installed a 63’ long 10 row aluminum angle frame bleacher for a long term bleacher rental in Jacksonville Florida.  The bleachers are being used at the Jacksonville Zoo for a temporary show that will run until May of 2015.  The bleacher installed will seat 375 people per show until they are removed.

Bleacher safety is a crucial item to consider when renting bleachers from any company.  This is even more critical when renting bleachers for a long term event.  The bleachers will be used over and over for a specific time frame and you should not have to worry about the quality of the temporary bleachers installed at the venue.  That is why Rental Bleachers Inc only rents the highest quality aluminum angle frame bleachers to our clients.

This 63’ long 10 row bleacher was installed using a 4 person crew and the installation required 5 hours on site.