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Florida Event Seating

Rental Bleachers, Inc. makes it easy to rent bleachers in Florida.  RBI has been providing grandstand and bleacher rentals in Florida since 2009 and have provided indoor and outdoor portable bleacher event seating to over 200 Florida events.  Our aluminium bleacher storage facility is located in the heart of Florida and allows us to provide bleacher rental seating at a competitive costs to Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee in the panhandle, and everything in between..  Our more popular Florida event seating includes raceways, fairgrounds, rodeos, colleges and universities and so much more.

Here are a few examples of clients we have provided temporary bleacher rental services in Florida. Contact Us Now to get premium aluminum bleacher seating for your next event in Florida!

Sumter County Florida (Yearly Event in March)

Event seating in Sumter County

Event seating in Sumter County

Barbara is amazing to work with on this project.  Last year we provided over 600 bleacher seats using a combination of 5 and 10row portable angle frame bleacher units. And this year our contract is for nearly 1400 bleacher seats. This event is pretty cool being that the client has us install the rental bleachers in a custom tent structure for a specialty arena.  Bleacher installation is flexible for this event as we are located close to the project from our facility and due to that we can install a large amount of bleacher seating without much travel cost.  Because our goal is repeat business each year, we always try and make our rental bleacher pricing the best we can and any savings are passed to our clients. This will be our second year providing seating for the event in Central Florida and we hope that our quality service and product reflect our appreciation to our clients for choosing us as the vendor.


The bleachers rented for this event are 4 sections of 21’ long 5 row angle frame aluminium bleachers plus 9 sections of 21’ long 10 row angle frame aluminum bleachers.

Bonita Bay Country Club in Bonita Springs Florida (Yearly Event)

Tennis Bleachers in Bonita Bay

Tennis Bleachers in Bonita Bay

Bleachers for Tennis Event

Bleachers for Tennis Event

RBI has been providing the tennis bleacher seating at Bonita Bay for the tennis tournament for the past three years.  What started off as a small 5row temporary bleacher rental project on the tennis courts has grown into a wonderful yearly event with an 84’ long 10row angle frame bleacher  installation seating over 500 people.

This event is not without its challenges, as with any rental each one presents its own hurdles.  The materials for this event need to be carried a distance due to the remote location of the tennis court area.  RBI specializes in these more difficult bleacher rental projects and with our aluminum angle frame bleachers it makes it just a little easier to get into these tighter locations than using a traditional steel bleacher or wooden bleacher system.

Also because the portable bleachers are aluminum, the angle frames do not damage the tennis court during the installation or removal of the rental bleachers.  The bleacher removal also takes place after the tennis tournament is completed, around 9pm, which means when the client arrives the next day all the tennis facility members will have access to the tennis courts as if we never put in the rental bleachers at all.

The portable bleachers used for this event are 84’ long 10 row aluminum angle frame rental system seating 515 with 2 mid-aisles, hand rails, and back and side safety fence.

Regional Cross-fit Tournament in West Palm Beach  (May 2013)

Bleachers for Crossfit Tournament

Bleachers for Crossfit Tournament

Event Seating in West Palm Beach

Event Seating in West Palm Beach

What an amazing event!!! This bleacher rental project was awesome in every aspect.  The client was incredible to work for, the venue was perfect (Thanks to tje WPB Convention Center) and the bleacher installation went as good as any event can go.  Because the client booked the bleachers for the crossfit tournament 120 days in advance, they received the early booking rate and it allowed us plenty of time to submit engineer sealed plans for this project as required by the facility and the inspector.

The total seating at this event was around 2500 using numerous lengths of 10row non-elevated aluminum angle frame bleachers.  This event was indoors on concrete and the facility allowed for access of the trucks and trailers to deliver the bleacher materials.  This cut down on installation time tremendously.  The total installation took 16 working hours over a two day time period.  The event was 5 days long and the installation was done 3 days in advance to make sure everything was perfect.  After the installation of the bleachers the client “branded” the units by using customer banners and advertising which also worked great!

The rental seating used during this event was 19 sections of 21’ long 10row bleachers installed in 4 sections of 84’ long and one section of 63’ long.

We provide full service for bleacher seating all across Florida, and have worked in major cities such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Daytona, Pensacola, and Jacksonville, as well as smaller cities such as Ft. Lauderdale, Bradenton, Sarasota, Key West, etc.    Often times we even work with counties such as  Dade, Orange, Broward, Polk, etc. for county events.

Contact Us Now if you need portable temporary aluminum bleacher seating anywhere in Florida!


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Our Rental Bleachers Feature:

  • Code Compliant Event Seating
  • Seating from 50 to 5,000 people
  • Easily installed indoors and outdoors
  • Unmatched customer service!
  • Safe, clean and comfortable rental seating
  • All aluminum bleacher construction – No wood or steel
  • Easily “covered” to provide weather/rain protection for spectators
  • ADA compliant bleacher seating on request
  • Short and long-term bleacher rental rates

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