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Georgia Event Seating

RBI has provided bleacher rentals in Georgia for many events including races, football games, rodeos, movie and television and more.  With completed indoor and outdoor events in almost every city in the state including Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Augusta, and Columbus we know exactly what it takes to get a Georgia event seating project done no matter the location.  Whether you are looking to rent indoor bleachers in Georgia or outdoor bleachers in Georgia, we have you covered.. (we have covered bleachers too!).

Here are a few examples of clients we have provided temporary bleacher rentals in Georgia,  Contact Us Now to get premium bleacher seating for your next event in Georgia!

University of Georgia Music Theatre Events in Athens Georgia 

Overview of UGA Bleacher Rental

Overview of UGA Bleacher Rental

Bleacher Rental at UGA Athens

Bleacher Rental at UGA Athens

This event has taken place the last two years in the winter season and once installed it really looks great.  The bleachers are used for choir type performances and takes place inside a really cool theatre style venue.  The installation is a bit difficult as the materials must be hand loaded inside and the carried into the area for set-up.  The end result however is worth the effort and the clients always love the bleachers.

The aluminum angle frame system takes approximately 3 hours for completion.  Because of the weight of our bleachers we can provide this option to our customers at a competitive price even though we are located over 8 hours from the venue. Aluminum bleachers allow us to load more on a trailer with less weight and therefore less expense for the project. Athens Georgia is a wonderful city to work in and always has great things to do when in town.

The bleachers used for this event are a 42’ long 10row bleacher unit with 2 mid-aisles for access to the seating.

Red Carpet Event in Atlanta, Georgia

Red Carpet with Bleacher Rental

High Class Bleacher Rental for Formal Events

Bleachers can be used for many different types of projects, from equestrian events to sport venues and music productions.  However the quality and maintenance of the bleachers will definitely come into play.  For example, a client who wants to use the bleachers for a more formal event such as tennis or fashion runways would not want the bleachers to have just come from a Rodeo with dirt and dust all over them.

RBI takes pride in not only our quality equipment but also our preventative maintenance and cleaning standards. Nothing shows this more than a “Red Carpet” event.  We have supplied bleachers for many such projects including this event which we have supplied temporary seating for going on 4 years.  This client uses the bleachers to seat guests dressed in formal wear and dirty bleachers would not be acceptable.  At this project we supplied 5 row non-elevated aluminum bleachers seating a total of 600 guests.

Corporate Event in Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta

Corporate event in downtown Atlanta

Corporate event in downtown Atlanta

Olympic Park Seating

Olympic Park Seating

The last two summers we have provided seating for a really cool corporate team event.  This client uses temporary bleachers to make a outdoor stadium feel come to life in downtown Atlanta Georgia.  This event requires a lot of heavy lifting.  The closest location for a truck and trailer is a distance and the materials must be hand carried across the park grass as no equipment is allowed on site.  This project also requires installation to take place between 1am and 8am which means that we must provide lighting and because the area is close to a hotel and housing no generators are allowed.  This makes installing the bleachers take just a little longer using battery operated tools to complete the project.  But, when the sun comes up in the morning and the stadium area is complete it really is a site to see on such a famous park in the heart of the busiest city in the south.

The bleachers installed here the first season were 10 sections of 5row bleachers and 2 sections of 10row bleachers however last year the event grew to 10 sections of 10row bleachers installed in 2 – 84’ long units and 1- 42’ long unit. Total seating of 1200 @ 18” per seat

Music Festivals in Savannah, Georgia

Rental bleachers for a music festival

Bleachers set-up for a music festival

In 2018 RBI had the opportunity to provide temporary seating for an amazing project in Savannah GA.  The client wanted to elevate some of the viewing areas in the park and we provided around 500 seats using 10row bleachers.  The end result was pretty great, with the larger section going on a hill above the stage area making for a great place to watch.

Television and Movie Production Sets in Georgia

Bleachers on Hardwood for Movie Set

Bleachers on Hardwood for Movie Set

Indoor bleacher rental for television production

Indoor bleacher rental for television production

In the winter of 2013 RBI installed temporary bleachers for a production set.  The client used an 84’ long 10row bleacher along a wall inside and older gymnasium to create the feel and look required for the set.  RBI has provided seating for numerous television movie production companies in the last few seasons.

In Georgia we have provided rental bleachers for movie sets on many occasions, including bleachers for the movie set “42” in Macon Georgia as well as an episode of another show in Saint Mary’s Georgia.  We have provided for numerous commercials and staging events also.  Savannah offers great locations for production companies too as does Atlanta, Macon, Stone Mountain, and many other areas in Georgia.

Private School Soccer Tournament in Atlanta Georgia

Bleachers for soccer games in Atlanta

Bleachers for soccer games in Atlanta

For two seasons in a row we have provided a 63’ long 10row bleacher unit seating 375 people for a soccer tournament at this private school.  The location of the bleachers is unique as it sits on top of an elevated concrete structure overlooking the field and with an awesome view of the facility also.

Even though this is an outdoor event it still requires a bit of labor to get all the materials to the area of installation.  The closest loading area for equipment is around 100 yards from the area so a little walking is needed to make it happen, but the results are apparent.  This rental system looks so great that it really would be a great permanent location for the bleachers.

The system used here is a 63’ long 10row bleacher with 2 mid aisles seating 375 @ 18” per seat

We provide full service for bleacher seating all across Georgia, and have worked in major cities such as Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, August, and Columbus, as well as smaller cities such as Pooler, St. Mary’s, Statesboro, Albany, Roswell, etc.    Often times we even work with counties such as  Chatham, Dekalb, Gwinnett, Montgomery, Peach, Lumpkin, Putnam, Decatur, etc. for county events.

Contact Us Now  if you need portable temporary aluminum bleacher seating anywhere in Georgia!

Our Rental Bleachers Feature:

  • Code Compliant Event Seating
  • Seating from 50 to 5,000 people
  • Easily installed indoors and outdoors
  • Unmatched customer service!
  • Safe, clean and comfortable rental seating
  • All aluminum bleacher construction – No wood or steel
  • Easily “covered” to provide weather/rain protection for spectators
  • ADA compliant bleacher seating on request
  • Short and long-term bleacher rental rates

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