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Tennessee Bleacher Rentals

Rent Bleachers in Tennessee from RBI

Need Some Extra Event Seating in Tennessee?

Short-Term Tennessee Bleacher Rentals

If you need to rent bleachers for a weekend competition or a week long festival in Tennessee, we’ve got you covered!

Long-Term Tennessee Bleacher Rentals

RBI offers long-term bleacher rentals, which is perfect for Tennessee schools and local parks & rec looking to add some extra event seating.

Rental Bleachers, Inc. now offers

Tennessee Rental Bleachers

RBI has expanded over the past 3-4 years to offer rental bleacher seating throughout all of Tennessee.  We are excited to have recently contracted to provide services for temporary aluminum bleacher seating events in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Memphis.  

A few examples of the Tennessee event seating events we are working include football games, charitable events, long term event rentals, rodeo shows, and more.  Keep a look out for RBI bleachers at your next event in Tennessee!

Our Customers Say It Best

I can not begin to express how pleased we are with the service, attention to detail and quality of the bleachers we received from Rental Bleachers Inc. Michael and his dependable crew were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there. They kept us informed of their every move and even spent an extra morning coming back to triple check the installations.

This was one of the best moves and investments we have made in quite some time. Could not be more satisfied! Excellent job all the way around!

Mike Notaro, Headmaster

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Temporary Seating and Bleacher Options in Tennessee

+ Make someone feel special!  Add a VIP Hospitality Suite for fans and/or staff

Traditional Bleachers

These standard bleachers can be installed in 5, 10, or 15 rows high (call for details).  These products are assembled on site.

Elevated Event Deck

Mobile VIP event deck with ADA compliant wheelchair ramp, multiple seating locations and removable umbrellas

Mobile Bleachers

Mobile or Towable bleachers are an excellent choice for events with a tight delivery or removal time frame. 

3 Row Bleachers

An intimate layout that is perfect for seating  small crowds in tight spaces. Easily moved around as needed.

Hospitality Suites

Air conditioned event suites for VIP areas and Corporate Hospitality suites.  Optional tented or covered roof deck.  

What is The Process Like?

It’s easy to rent bleachers in Tennessee with Rental Bleachers, Inc.  You give us the details for your event, and we take care of the rest. We make sure the bleachers are up to standards per state and local county and city codes and ordinances.

Our top priority is to ensure our rental bleachers are set-up and looking great before the event, and to quickly remove all our equipment as soon as the event is over. 

Give us a call or send us an email with your event details, and we’ll help you knock seating options off your checklist for your event so you can focus on giving your guest the best experience.

1. Contact RBI with Event Details
In order to provide accurate costs and options for your event, you will need to know the following information:
  • City and State of event
  • Event Dates or length of rental period (i.e 1 day, 1 week, 1 month)
  • Number of people you want to seat in the bleachers
  • Indoor our outdoor event
  • Any special or unique details of your event or location
2. Agree on Contract and Terms
RBI will put together a formal contract with all of your unique event information and once agreed upon by both parties and executed, we enter into the planning stage of the project.
3. Planning for Bleacher Rental
During this phase of the contract, RBI issues appropriate insurance certificates and sealed drawings (if required). If any changes are needed on the clients end regarding schedule or layout, this is the time to make required modifications. 
4. Delivery and Assembly of the Bleachers.
Delivery of the materials requires access to the area for the trucks and trailers (Unless pre-discussed with other terms)
The assembly time can range from a few hours to a few days depending on the size and scope of the project.
Our crews are safety first and wear all appropriate safety gear during this phase. 
5. Awesome Event with Lots of Seating
Do your thing, our bleachers sit tight, even if your attendees don’t!
6. Bleacher Removal

After the event, RBI will arrive at the agreed upon time and start the removal process. The removal process is usually a little faster than the assembly.  After the removal the site is left just as it was prior to assembly with the exception of any trash accumulated by the event which is the clients responsibility 

Some of our Recent Tennessee Bleacher Rentals

We were even featured in The Tennessean for one of our event installations!

Nashville, Tennessee

Indoor and Outdoor Basketball event needs rental bleachers for 700.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rental Bleachers installed over track for extra seating at a football game.

Cookeville, Tennessee

Indoor event seating for unique fitness competition project.  

Nashville,Tennessee Basketball Game and VIP

The indoor rental bleachers offered extra seating for 700 with the 5-row bleachers.


RBI delivered and installed aluminum rental bleachers to Nashville for an event that required both indoor and outdoor seating.  The indoor bleachers used were only 5 rows tall but they really added a great viewing experience to the basketball games.  The total number of seats added around the court with the bleacher rental was around 700.  

Indoor installations can require extra time and effort to get the portable bleachers installed and in the correct locations as they often require more labor and due to the distance from the loading areas.

After the installation of the bleacher seating in the indoor area, the client requested a few small portable bleacher units to be placed outside in another location to allow for a VIP experience during the red carpet entry to the Grand Ole Opry House. 

This type of bleacher installation can often be tricky, as it can be very difficult to get the aluminum bleacher materials close to an installation site.  As usual, we were able to get everything coordinated, the end result was awesome, and the rental bleachers worked perfect for the venue.

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Football Game Bleachers


The bleachers rented were 2 sections of 63’ long 10 row aluminum bleachers and 1 section of 105’ long 10row aluminum bleachers. The total bleacher rental provided temporary seating for 1,380 people allocation 18” per seat for each person.


This event was great!  The client was a pleasure to work with. Although the site did have limited access to the bleacher installation area, the client provided a tractor that was able to get the bleacher materials to the far side of the track surface.   This portable bleacher rental was a temporary seating solution for a football game.

  As with many projects it can sometimes be difficult to get the disassembled portable bleacher materials to the installation area; however it is a requirement for renting bleachers that the customer provide suitable access for the trucks and trailers.  In this case the running track surface around the football field was not suitable for our installers trucks to drive on.  The installation of the rental bleachers required an 8 person crew for the first day and a smaller 2 man crew for a few hours in the morning of the second day to “clean up” and make things perfect.

 Our temporary aluminum angle frame bleachers are unique in that we can install seating for 1500 people in a single day if the area is accessible and the weather is good. The rental seating for this event was used during a one day football game against a rival school. 

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Resources for Tennessee Bleacher Rentals:

We provide full service for bleacher seating all across Tennessee, and work events across all the major cities such as Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Knoxville, Clarksville, and Murfreesboro, as well as smaller cities such as Franklin, Jackson, Johnson City, Bartlett, Hendersonville, etc. Often times we even work with counties such as Shelby, Davidson, Montgomery, Sullivan, Blount, Madison, Anderson, Putnam, etc. for county events.

We hope to continue expanding our business in Tennessee, and that you will be able to enjoy our bleacher seating at all of the major events. We hope to work with the various festivals (like the Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass festival), Civil War re-enactments along the Civil War Trails, off-road races (like the AMA National Motocross championship), archery competitions, and other music festivals and cultural events occurring throughout Tennessee!