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In November of 2009 Rental Bleachers Inc was formed and located in Zephyrhills FL by Michael Bahamonde who had previously worked for a large Bleacher manufacturing company.  He started off in fabrication and then moved on to erection of permanent bleacher systems. After some time in the field, he moved into an entry sales position and then to design and operations.

Rental Bleachers Inc was originally branded under the website FloridaBleacherRentals.com as the focus of the company would be to serve Florida events with high quality temporary bleacher seating.  The company logos “RBI – FloridaBleacherRentals.com” as well as “RBI – RENTAL BLEACHERS OF FLORIDA” and “RBI – FLORIDA BLEACHER RENTALS” all served as key branding and promotional designs for Rental Bleachers in the start-up years of the company. In addition to these branding terms, Rental Bleachers Inc also has filed with the state of Florida corporations a fictious name “Florida Bleacher Rentals” to solidify the rights to the operational name, website and logos used.

In 2016 Rental Bleachers began to focus on more events outside of Florida and created what is now our flagship brand/logo “RBI – RENTALBLEACHERSINC.COM” which all our pre-existing logos and branding now fall under. During this period we moved our facility from Zephyrhills to Brooksville Florida.

Additionally, RBI created the website RentalBleachers.com which uses the logo “RBI – Rental Bleachers” and was designed to help potential clients or anyone looking for bleacher services to find vendors in their location if outside of the Rental Bleachers, Inc. service area, which has continued to grow, but is mostly focused on the Southeastern US.  RentalBleachers.com lists multiple bleacher companies at no cost in areas outside of the service area of Rental Bleachers Inc.