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Highway Bleachers with Trailer

Towable Highway Bleachers

Over the last few years many bleacher rental companies, both new and existing have started to use towable bleachers for events.  These towable rental bleachers are an excellent option for some projects.  For example, if the event has a tight time frame and assembly is going to be difficult, then the towable bleachers are perfect.  There are several factors that will determine whether you will be able to use towable rental bleachers for your event.  For example, since these bleachers are already fully assembled, the are limitations for access that will require the company will be able to tow the bleachers into the location the client wants them.  Towable units are limited in the ability to be installed in many locations.  For example some indoor events do not have access for trucks and trailers and require the rental of bleacher units that are assembled on site vs. the towable option.  Some outdoor locations may have sand, fences, or other impassible objects that do not allow for delivery of a towable unit.

Another downside to towable units is the limitation on the number of seats that are available.  In total, you are limited to pulling approximately 300 seats with each truck.  However, when using our assembled on site rental bleachers, we are able to load and tow almost 1000 seats with a single truck pulling a flatbed trailer.  This allows for our teams to manage much larger rental bleacher projects for high attendance events, at greater distances and for a lower budget!

Because of the many variables that are involved when renting bleachers, it is important you provide the bleacher rental company with all of the details regarding the installation.  You never want a company showing up with a bleacher system that is not going to work for your event, and a little planning and discover can save a lot of time and complications.  Rental Bleachers Inc., will fully discuss your bleacher installation before committing to the project to be sure we are providing the best rental bleacher option for your event.  In some cases, towable bleachers may be the best solution, but it isn’t always the case due to the many limitations.

Towable bleachers are becoming ever more popular in the rental industry, however in the opinion of RBI, they will never replace assembled on site units.  Assembled on site bleachers are more versatile than towables and if maintained properly they will look better and last longer than towable bleacher units.  This is not to say that towables do not have a large place in the rental industry. They can be a great option for many projects, you just need to make sure you “do your homework”.

For more information on towable for assemble on site bleachers, please contact us today!