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Indoor Circus BleachersIndoor events can pose many challenges for temporary aluminium bleacher installations. From the process of getting the portable bleacher materials inside and in the proper locations to the layout of the venue, indoor projects can be the most challenging rental events.

This past week RBI has installed approximately 900 temporary indoor circus bleachers inside a very unique facility.  The event was for an indoor circus in Jacksonville Florida!   The flooring for the bleachers and temporary seating was a multi level floor with railing around each different level of the arena. The larger 10row rental bleachers were used in front of the performance floor, and an aisle is left between them for the main entrance to the show. On the upper levels of the arena we used the smaller 5row rental bleachers on each side to maximize the event seating for the length of the surface area.

Circus Bleacher SeatingThe client added additional floor mounted chairs to make the total capacity around 2000 seats for the indoor circus event.

The installation of the temporary bleachers was one of the more difficult we have faced as the entry doors were only standard doorways and due to the multiple railing and different floor elevations additional labor was required to hand carry all the parts of the bleachers into location prior to beginning the installation and setup of the bleachers. The total time required for the install was 12 hours using an 8 person crew. By the end of the bleacher installation everyone was definitely worn out, but the end result was an awesome seating view for a great show and a great cause.

This is the first year RBI has provided for the circus in Jacksonville, FL but we hope that as the event grows we can help the client grow the project and add seating for all the new guests along the way.