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Are you interested in renting bleachers?  Don’t make one of these common mistakes! When renting bleachers for a project or event it is very important to make sure the bleachers you are looking to rent will meet the criteria of the project. Unfortunately many clients think that when they are getting quotes for temporary bleachers that all the companies they contact are quoting the same bleachers. This is a big mistake! Not all bleacher companies offer products that meet all the required standards for each location the bleachers may be needed. Some companies also do not offer “sealed drawings” for the products and many do not have all the safety features needed or may not carry proper insurance. Because of this some clients end up paying much more for the choice to go with a lesser quote. Here are a few things to look for when comparing quotes.

  1. Make sure the bleachers meet your locations safety requirements. If unsure ask the bleacher company if they have installed in your location before and what they did to comply. Many times the local Fire Marshall is the inspecting party and they will know what to look for. It does not matter how much money you save by going with a company if you can not use the bleachers once they are installed.
  2. Do not just go with the cheapest quote! Many times I hear from clients who went with another company who provided a price for a little less than RBI only to have them arrive and the bleachers not meet the expectations of the event. I have heard stories of un-safe bleachers, old and ugly seating that was not the product quoted and even bleachers that could not be installed in the area they were needed. Ask for photos of the bleachers that will be brought to your site and go over any details prior to signing a contract.
  3. Proper insurance certificates and quality bleachers. Bleacher rentals companies should submit a Certificate of insurance for each project and the limits can vary depending on the company. If a company does not provide insurance for the product that is a huge red flag and you should look elsewhere for your event needs.

This is by no means a complete list but it does cover the absolute most critical items regarding the bleacher rentals. Other things to consider are the foundation or location of the bleachers which must be a suitable hard and flat surface. Please remember that even though you as a client may not be an expert in bleacher rentals it is crucial that you provide your event with quality seating to ensure a great time for all who attend.