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For the past three years in May, the Atlanta International School has used our rental bleachers for the annual soccer tournaments at their facility in Atlanta, Georgia.  The school offers a very unique layout, as the bleachers are located on an elevated surface above the soccer field, providing one of the best spectator views available at any soccer game.


Rental Bleacher installation at Atlanta International School in Atlanta, Georgia

This bleacher installation does require a little bit of extra labor to carry the portable bleachers, as our delivery truck with the bleacher trailer can only get about 200 feet from the installation location.  All the extra effort is worth it though, as these temporary bleachers look great once they are installed.  The bleachers are a 10 row 63’ long system seating 375 people @ 18” per seat with 2 mid aisles for better seating access.

Our aluminum angle frame bleachers were installed to meet all life safety code requirements.  As always our bleachers are installed to the highest standards and are always clean and ready for your guests to enjoy.  Our aluminum bleachers are some of the best available on the market for rent and look forward to being a part of your next project.