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Aluminum bleachers are a great choice for many different types of seating events, such as football games, rodeos, graduations and parades. Our aluminum angle frame bleachers are some of the best looking bleachers available to rent; however, some events require a little less of the “bleacher look” even though they need to use the bleachers. The majority of the time this is due to the safety fence around the back and sides of the bleachers. The safety fence is required to meet safety standards and keep people on the bleachers.

If your event is in need of bleachers but you are concerned about the look, a great option is to use a fabric to cover the fence on the bleachers which completely transforms the bleacher into a more elegant seating area.  We recently did this for our choir bleachers at a concert, pictured below, and the rental bleachers looked great. Many color choices work well but usually the best choice is black fabric. Once installed on the bleacher the safety fence is no longer in view and the people really stand out on the portable bleacher seating. These images are from events with and without installing the fabric on the bleachers. While both are very suitable choices for events, the bleacher that is “dressed” is a much more presentable seating area at events for graduation bleachers, concert bleachers, choir events, and televised production sets.

Choir-Rental-Bleachers Undecorated-Rental-Bleachers