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This past weekend RBI delivered and installed aluminum rental indoor bleacher seating for events at the Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.

 The main portion of the rental seating was used for an indoor basketball court that was designed and installed in the convention center of the resort.  The temporary court was constructed inside the facility in one day from start to finish including the goals, flooring and lines, as well as the portable bleacher seating.

The total event seating was around 700 people using both 21’ long 5 row bleachers as well as 63’ long 5 row bleacher sections.

rent-indoor-bleachersThe second portion of the event was for the VIP area and the Red Carpet viewing section.  The portable bleachers were installed outside the World Famous Opry in Nashville, and the installation required a little carrying to get the rental bleachers delivered to the correct area.

 Both portions of the event took place over a Saturday and Sunday and the bleacher removal took just over 6 hours on Sunday night to remove all the materials from both locations.  Another amazing bleacher rental event by Rental Bleachers Inc.