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Are you considering using rental bleacher seating for your wedding event?

Of course, bleacher seating isn’t exactly what everyone thinks of when they imagine an outdoor wedding ceremony but if you think about the cost of each chair you would need to rent and arrange, it could be the more affordable choice. But how do I make the bleacher seating look like it belongs at a wedding event? Easy, add your decorations and you would be surprised what the finished product looks like. Rental Bleachers, Inc.  can provide wraps for the railings and/ or to cover around the bottom of the bleachers… Taking the “blunt” look away from the bleachers and turning the rental bleachers into a sophisticated seating arrangement.  You can even add carpet runners to the steps for an extra classy look.

A great advantage of using bleachers for your wedding celebration  would be the stacked seating of the rental bleachers with allows for great layered wedding photos. There is always a short bridesmaid or a tall groomsman, and the bleachers make the perfect platform for accommodating different heights.   You can even pull the bleachers in into a wedding theme… maybe the couple getting married are baseball lovers or spend time watching sports… This could add a little bit of their personal taste to a special day. Not to mention, everyone will see without a head right in front of them. 🙂

There are many different themes of weddings and/ or events you can use bleachers at. One of my personal favorite is the popular DIY wedding events. You could really use your bleachers for a vintage look or a country theme.

Another cool advantage is that rental bleachers are easily portable, as long as the surface is flat. So rental bleachers can be added to a field, a barn, or just about anywhere you could imagine. You don’t have to worry about the exact head count because you can do a range… For example 80 to 100 people. Don’t worry, with rental bleachers everyone makes a comfortable space with others, so it won’t ever look like there is empty seating.

Having a large wedding event? You can arrange the rental bleachers to make your own amphitheater  or arena. Simply request that we arrange the rental bleachers in a circle, creating an arena for the ceremony and/ or event!

Rental bleachers Inc. is here to make your special day even more memorable.  Contact us with questions!