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Not all bleacher projects require a large number bleachers or a high seating capacity. Some events need smaller units to create a “look” for the event like sports themes parties. Other projects only need one section to accommodate a large group for a team photo or company picture. RBI provides for events of all sizes from one section to 100 sections, making our rental bleachers an ideal temporary seating solution for small events.

The tricky part of smaller events is making the costs work financially for our clients. This is easy if the event is located close to our main distribution warehouse in Zephyrhills, Florida.  However, when the project is farther away it can be more difficult to provide a smaller unit at a fair price. The primary reason for this is that shipping/delivery for a rental bleacher is a costly expense and the price is same amount to ship 1 section as it does 4 sections which makes it very difficult to offer smaller sections to locations further than 100 miles from our facility.

In an effort to address this issue RBI is currently expanding into another southeaster storage facility in Atlanta, Georgia in order to help cover a larger area for our clients.

small event rental seatingThis photo is of a fully code compliant 5 row bleacher rental unit with center aisle that accommodates up to 55 people @ 18” per seat. This rental bleacher was used for an outdoor pep-rally event in which the client wanted to provide a small number of seats near the stage area.

rent bleachers for footballThis photo is of a 21’ long 10 row aluminum angle frame bleacher with seating for around 125 people. The bleacher was used by a football team for a team picture. The bleacher was placed in front of the existing stadium to showcase the team and the facility in which they play.