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When preparing for bleacher rental, particularly for a special event or a long-term rental, many renters, vendors, and venues require a Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFP is a solicitation for the procurement of a commodity (in this case – temporary bleachers) or service by a business, organization, or individual. The process is most often in the form of competitive bidding for the opportunity to supply the needed asset or service. While price is a factor in the RFP process, expertise, availability, and reputation also represent important considerations in being awarded the project.

Various organizations, businesses, and individuals often have a preferred RFP Format, but generally an RFP for bleacher rental will include the following:

  • SCOPE of WORK – The scope of work includes the provision of the proposed asset (the temporary bleachers) which meet the project guidelines and includes delivery and set-up parameters. A promised completion date for set-up as well as a removal date is often included.
  • EXPENDITURES – Here is the total cost required to procure the bleachers, delivery, set-up and removal.
  • DEMOGRAPHICS – A detailed description of the venue location and bleacher set-up.
  • DEFINITIONS – Listed here are any terms required to delineate the Bidder (Vendor) and the Business, Organization, or Individual renting the bleachers.
  • CONTRACT TERM – The contract term should be stated clearly, by date, for solitary events, seasonal events, or annual rentals.
  • GENERAL – Typically this section allows the Renter to reserve the right procure bleachers elsewhere, should the Vendor be unable to meet the terms indicated in the bid/proposal.
  • PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE or SITE VISIT – This section may be included as needed or required as mandatory, allowing for a pre-proposal meeting and/or site visit to answer questions, make clarifications, determine site conditions, and venue specifications prior to the submission of the bid/proposal.
  • ESTIMATED TIMETABLE – The estimated timetable lists the release of the RFP, the date for a pre-proposal meeting and/or site visit, the proposal due date, and the date the project will be awarded.