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Reading the title of this blog may have you shaking your head. Recycling used bleachers? Really, is that a thing, can I recycle used bleachers? Absolutely! From classic wood bleachers, decades old, to today’s modern aluminum bleachers, recycling is the way to go. There are many different ways to recycle old bleachers and, quite honestly, a few of them may surprise you.

Aluminum Bleachers are lightweight, resistant to wear, and readily available, but like everything else, they eventually need to be replaced. The good news is aluminum bleachers can be recycled in the same way you recycle aluminum cans – like cans utilized for a completely different purpose. As one of the most sustainable resources available, utilizing recycled aluminum requires only 10 percent of the energy that is required to mine, smelt, and process aluminum ore. That means recycling aluminum and using it for new projects saves 90 percent of the energy that would be used if aluminum was simply tossed in a landfill. Old aluminum bleachers also have parts which can be repurposed for new bleacher projects saving both time, money, and energy costs for the school or venue using them.

Old wood bleachers can also be recycled, repurposed, and refinished into all sorts of projects from floors to walls to tables. Reclaimed wood bleachers are quite popular items – repurposed for wood floors, focal walls, bannisters, railings, stairs, tables, counters, benches, shelving, and desks. Offering a unique, one of a kind look, refurbished, repurposed wooden bleachers often feature numbers and distinct graffiti adding to their nostalgia and beauty.

While metal, plastic, and aluminum bleachers are recyclable, they also can be used to create exclusively repurposed items just like wooden bleachers. These old, seemingly unusable bleachers have been recycled into quirky, yet stylish benches, repurposed into focal walls and artwork, and utilized for benches, shelving, and counter tops.

So now you know – recycling old bleachers is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows an inimitable way to salvage bits of history, savor nostalgic moments, and distinctively decorate homes and offices with matchless style.