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installed used bleachers

Recently installed used bleachers

Bleachers rentals and purchases can be very expensive so it is critical that you get the highest quality product at the best price.  To help with this RBI on occasion sells used aluminum angle frame bleachers from our inventory which allows clients to get great seating at a lesser cost than new at the same time allows RBI to refresh inventory and keep our products to the highest standards.

The most recent sale of used bleachers was installed in West Virginia.  The system was an 84’ long 10 row non-elevated aluminum angle frame system seating 500.  The sale price was $31,000.00 plus $4,250.00 for the delivery and installation of the system for a total cost of $35,250.00.  Compare this to a new bleacher price of $42,500.00 and you definitely see the reason behind purchasing a “QUALITY” used system.  Our used systems are in excellent shape and do not be mislead in purchasing a cheaper system that does not meet safety requirements.

purchase used bleachers

Installation of recently sold used bleachers

This system has installed on a concrete slab (Provided by the owner) and the bleachers were installed in 2 days on site.  The end result is a high quality aluminum angle frame bleacher system that will provide great views of events at the facility for years to come.  For questions regarding used bleachers please contact us.