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When you head out to see your favorite team play, you naturally want to have a comfortable seat as you cheer them on to the win. You don’t really want to haul your folding lawn chairs, a seat cushion, maybe even your cooler, outdoor blanket, and umbrella – it’s just too much. You could sit in the bleachers with your fellow fans, but you know all about bleachers, they are comfortable for a short period but what if the game goes into overtime or extra innings.

As you can probably guess, not all bleachers are created equal. Aluminum bleachers, while built to last, are only comfortable, sometimes, for the duration of the game. Powder coated bleachers, due to their smooth texture offer a bit more comfort. Luxury bleachers which often feature special designed back rests for spectator support offer the greatest comfort.

Of course, the issue is, you never know what type of bleacher is going to be available until you arrive or whether the bleachers in the auditorium will have backrests, if the amphitheater will have a retractable awning, or the doubtful hope the auditorium or gymnasium seating will be comfortable chairs.

Are you wondering how to make bleachers more comfortable?  The simple solution is cushions for your bottom or compact, foldable stadium chairs, often called a bleachair, for back and bum support. Available in every shape and size, bleacher seat cushions are easily portable and run the gamut from homemade to high tech and as a result offer varying levels of comfort. Homemade cushions, if you have the time and talent, can be customized to be a cushy as you like, while high tech cushions offer multiple sizes and varying firmness, and may include a built battery powered heating system. These cushions fit directly on the benches and offers you a simple and effective comfortable seating solution.

Stadium seats fit directly onto bleachers and offer back and bottom support with many different options for you including cushions, expanding armrests, and even extra seat pockets for snacks and drink holders for your favorite beverage. Some bleacher seats recline, others offer padded head rests, and others still, provide a battery powered heating or cooling elements to help control the temperature of the bleacher bench.

No matter your sports, if bleachers are the seating available, there are many options to enhance your enjoyment of the event by providing comfort for your back and your bum. By taking a few moments before the event, you can ensure your are more comfortable watching the players or theater show.