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The summer in Florida is a perfect time of the year to utilize all the great indoor event facilities across the state.  From convention centers to indoor pool facilities and even roller rinks the A/C is turned down and the competitions are heated up.

Indoor bleachers in Convention Center

Indoor rental bleachers in Convention Center

This first example is a recent July project at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort,  The client has used RBI for 4 years to accommodate a mixed martial  rts tournament with seating for around 500 people.  The bleachers used are only 5 rows tall however with the length used they make for a great layout for seating and run the entire length of the competition floor space.

Indoor Bleachers on Hockey Rink

Indoor Rental Bleachers on Hockey/Skating Rink

Skating rinks can be used for many types of events and projects and are another great way to beat the Florida heat.  When installing bleachers indoors it is critical to have proper access to the installation area and to ensure the venue has closed the area the bleachers are to be located as well as the path from the truck and trailer to the installation site.

If you are planning an event indoors and are considering renting bleachers please consider the following items prior to booking.

  1. Will the bleachers fit in the space? How will they be brought in? Can the bleacher company get them inside the facility?
  2. What type of flooring will they be placed? Will protection be needed to prevent damage?
  3. How long will installation and removal take?  This is important if other events are going on before or after the bleacher rental.