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Indoor Bleacher rentalThis project was a short notice indoor bleacher rental event that booked the day before the event date, which is very uncommon for bleacher rental projects.  Thankfully we were able to accommodate the client who used the bleachers inside a hotel ballroom in Orlando Florida.

The bleacher installation required lots of carrying for the materials as they were installed a long distance from the loading zones.  This can be a very long process depending on the size of the bleachers being installed. However, luckily the event only required a few 5 row bleacher units and the bleacher installation was completed in around 4 hours.

Indoor convention center bleacher rental

The temporary bleachers we used for this were two sections of 63’ long 5 row aluminum angle frame bleachers seating 180 per unit for a total of 360 seats.  Each unit of bleachers contained (2) mid aisles for seating access as well as all required safety features for bleachers.