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For someone trying to do an event on a budget, renting bleachers is a low-cost alternative to renting individual chairs. Not only do the bleacher rentals cost less, but they take less of your time in getting them set-up, etc.  This is why rental bleachers are such a perfect option for town festivals, sporting events, renaissance fairs, and even weddings and graduations.  Even at their low costs, bleacher rentals can still be expensive for some event throwers. Selling advertising/sponsorship space on the rental bleachers can help with the bleacher rental costs.

If you are thinking about using bleacher rentals and the cost just doesn’t seem feasible for the event, sponsor may be your solution. Maybe you are a school or a city recreational team. We all know most public educational institutions and recreational sport events don’t have lots of cash flow to work with for their events. There is a way to make it work!

For most public 5k races and similar charitable events, the t-shirts that are given out to the participants are typically covered by one or more of the event sponsors. This allows the event to pay for the cost of the shirts and provide them to the participants for free as art of the cost of entry.  The t-shirts then have a number of small business logos and similar on the back to give value to the sponsors. You can do this same thing with rental bleachers.

The design of bleachers allows for easily placing banners along the railings and the underpinning / barrier at the bottom of the bleachers.  By selling and placing different sized adds for local businesses, you can easily cover the cost.  The only requirement is that you would need to have a representative sell the spaces to the local business.

For example: You have an event for a school, you then call Rental Bleachers, Inc. with the number of people you think will be attending.  We let you know how many rental bleachers you need and an estimate of what the rental costs will be. This gives you a good idea of how many sponsors for ad space you need to sell to local businesses. Not only are you covering the cost of the rental bleachers for the event, but you are creating a space where you are supporting local business. Depending upon how much you charge for the ad space, you might even be able to generate additional revenue to help make other areas of your event amazing!