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Recently, a long time rental bleacher client of RBI inquired about adding custom seats to one of our temporary bleacher units.   The client holds a tennis tournament in Florida, and the client wanted to give his spectators a little additional comfort beyond what a standard bleacher bench seat can provide.  After visiting the new tennis event site we determined the best way to go would be to build an 8 row bleacher with a deeper run per row.  This would provide a VIP seating experience with plenty of legroom on the rental bleachers.  A standard bleacher has a 24” row depth which would not allow for adequate egress after the seats are installed so we built the new system with a 32” depth per row making sure everyone has enough leg room.  The end result is a pretty cool looking rental system that can be used with or without the detachable flip up seats.

The seats themselves are easily removable as they do not permanently attach in any way to the bleacher bench.  The simply are placed on the bench and a small “L” shaped clamp is turned to hold the seat in place.

The total bleacher size is a 63’ long row bleacher comfortably seating around 300 using these VIP / 1st Class seats.  RBI is considering adding this to our inventory this year or possibly selling it to a lucky permanent location as a quality used VIP rental bleacher system.