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Outdoor bleacher rentalsTennis events can present unique challenges for temporary bleacher installations.  Most tennis facilities are not designed to allow for additional seating as space is at a premium.  Because of this limitation of space our aluminum angle frame bleachers are a great choice for additional seating.  We can use another court surface for the bleachers as our systems of bleachers do not harm the courts when they are installed.  We have placed our bleachers on all types of tennis court surfaces without any damage to the venue.


Tennis Tournament Bleacher rentalsThis event was located in Captiva Florida which is just between Fort Myers and Naples Florida.  The Bleacher rental project is in its third year of using Rental Bleachers Inc. for its bleacher rental needs and it is definitely a great venue to watch a match.  The bleachers used were and 84’ long 10 row with (2) aisles bleacher seating 515 people @ 18” per seat.