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Covered Rental Bleachers

Covered Rental Bleachers

Spring sports season is getting ready to kick into gear all across the South.  Spring bleacher events often face weather challenges due to rain and other unpredictable weather conditions. If your sporting event requiring a temporary bleacher rental is located in an area prone to rainy spring days you may want to consider using tents to cover the grandstands and make the seating better suited for bad weather.  Even if it does not rain, the decision to rent covered bleachers for spring sports will offer attendees a shady spot to retreat from the hot sun, and provide your spectators a comfortable location to watch the game.

March is always a crazy month for renting aluminum bleachers. In March Rental Bleachers, Inc. will be renting out temporary event bleachers for the Rome Braves Baseball Organization in Rome, Georgia.  The event is a one day bleacher rental project for an exhibition game and we will be installing over 1,000 rental bleacher seats for the sporting event. Most counties and customers will book grandstands and bleachers for spring sports, such as baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball prior to the first of the year.  Reserving the bleacher rental not only ensures they will have the best temporary event seating but also saves money as they receive special discounts on renting bleachers with our early booking rate.  In Savannah, Georgia this past weekend, we completed a portable bleacher seating installation for an indoor dance competition that has been using our service for 4 years now, and each year continues to grow and require more temporary seating.  

Rental Bleachers, Inc. is a smaller company and wants to grow with our clients through each season and provide high quality bleachers year after year.  If you are wondering how to rent bleachers for your spring sports or sporting event, the best process for renting bleachers in the Spring season is as follows:

  1. Contact RBI for a written proposal and estimate for renting bleachers with a no cost obligation or charge

  2. Upon approval we enter into a simple bleacher rental contract at which point we will put all the project details (such as any necessary tents for covered bleachers, safety fencing, ada ramps, and bleacher delivery and removal) into our contract format and send to you for review and approval.

  3. Upon agreement and signing the contract to rent out bleachers, we require a deposit for the event that must be returned with the signed contract in order to confirm all event dates and bleacher materials.

  4. RBI provide certificates of insurance for General Liability, Commercial Auto and Workers Comp policies when requested.

  5. RBI shows up as contracted to install your temporary aluminum bleachers and the balance of payment is due upon arrival

  6. The portable bleachers are installed as agreed and the event is amazing!

Our bleacher rental company provides top quality portable aluminum bleachers and grandstands for all kinds of events, not just sporting events.  We currently provide our temporary seating across the southeast in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.   We are always looking to expand our business to meet customers needs for rental bleachers, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if your city or state isn’t listed.