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RBI & Rental Bleacher FAQs 

About RBI and Services (18)

How is Rental Bleachers, Inc. different from other companies?

We feel that we stand out from other companies for two distinct reasons.

  1. First, our customer service which we feel is the best in the business.  We have completed hundreds of projects without a missed deadline or a bad review from a client.
  2. Secondly, the quality of our bleachers is hard to beat.  Our aluminum angle frame seating is designed and maintained to the highest industry standards.  In fact on more than one occasion our clients have thought that the bleachers were brand new once installed.

We strive to constantly set ourselves apart from our competitors, and welcome any feedback on ways we can impress you with our rental bleachers and customer service!

Do you have telescoping bleachers?

We do not carry telescopic bleachers.  These are used more for permanent indoor seating in locations like convention centers, arenas, auditoriums, etc.   If you are interested in looking at telescoping bleachers, then you should take a look at a company like Hussey Seating or Irwin Seating.

What type of bleacher services do you provide?

We provide many different bleacher services.

Our main business is renting bleachers for events that require additional seats; however, we also offer bleacher renovations and repairs for existing systems that may need to be brought up to code, as well as engineer reports for structures and systems that need to be reviewed for insurance or safety concerns.

Another service we offer is bleacher relocations for customers who may have an existing system or bought a used bleacher from a location that needs to be relocated.

Finally, we buy and sell new and used aluminum angle frame bleachers.

Where can I find used bleachers?

Used bleachers are all over the internet, however; as with buying anything used you need to do your homework.  Most used bleachers do not meet code requirements and can be a huge insurance liability.

It is strongly suggested that if you are considering buying used that you consult with someone who knows the industry or about safety features for the bleachers. All the bleachers that are sold by RBI meet safety and structural requirements.  Our used bleachers come with a 1 year warranty which is unheard of in the used bleacher industry.

Do you sell parts for bleachers?

Yes, we sell new and used bleacher parts for outdoor bleacher systems.

Not only do we manufacture bleacher parts we also work directly with a larger bleacher manufacturer who specializes in permanent bleachers and grandstands.  This means that no matter which bleacher part you need we can locate it for you, even if we do not carry it in stock.

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About Renting Bleachers (13)

What is required for planning when renting bleachers?

When renting bleachers you need to have a few details for the event in order to get a quote.

  • Where will the event be? What city and state? Will it be indoors or outdoors? What type of surface will the bleacher be placed?
  • How many people are you trying to seat on the bleachers?
  • How close can the trucks and trailers get for unloading the materials?
  • If the bleacher materials need to be carried, how far will they need to go?
  • What are the event dates?

These are the most important questions to start your planning and as always we are available by phone or email to help with any part of the process.

Do rental bleachers come with safety fencing?

All of our rental bleachers from 5 rows and up come with a safety fence. Our bleacher safety fence is a black vinyl chain link and is on the back and sides of all bleacher units.


Are your rental bleachers wheelchair accessible and ADA approved?

ADA requirements are met by the grounds the bleacher are located not by the rental bleachers themselves.

Our bleachers have ADA spaces on the ends and in longer sections in the middle.  However ADA requirements are beyond the bleachers.

Concrete walkways are needed and access from the parking areas as well as the ADA compliant bathrooms.  This is an issue than must be handled in the overall planning of the event, not just the bleacher area.

How far in advance do I need to rent bleachers?

So many factors come into play on this.  Depending on the size, location, and length of the rental some projects need to be booked 120 days in advance however we work on many projects that have just popped up overnight and need bleachers tomorrow. A good rule is to book as early as possible in order to guarantee the bleachers and also get any advance booking discounts that may be applied.

Do your bleachers leave marks on the floor?

We take efforts to prevent any marking of floors or surfaces when installing bleachers.  Most surfaces are unaffected by bleachers with the exception of wood floors.  When installing on a wood surface, tarps or carpet runners are required to prevent marking of the surface by the rental bleachers.

When installing on grass the area under the frames can turn yellow or even fade completely depending on the length of the rental.  However it is very uncommon except for long term rentals.

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Our Service Areas (7)

Where do you rent bleachers?

Our service area includes most of the Southeastern United States.   We are currently services Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and more!


Do you rent bleachers in Florida?

Yes our main service area for rental bleachers is the State of Florida.  We have completed events in every major city, and most of the smaller cities too.

Follow this link to see examples of projects where we rent bleachers in Florida.

Do you rent bleachers in Georgia?

Yes we can provide temporary bleacher seating for most any size event in Georgia.  We have completed projects in Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Macon, Rome and Valdosta.  We are happy to provide our services anywhere in the state of Georgia!

Follow this link to see examples where we rent bleachers in Georgia.

Do you rent bleachers in South Carolina?

Absolutely!   Our most recent bleacher renal project was in the wonderful city of Charleston, South Carolina.  Our client was a civic center needing additional seating for an indoor concert.

Follow this link to see examples where we rent bleachers in South Carolina.

Do you rent bleachers in North Carolina?

We have completed a few events needing temporary bleachers in North Carolina.  Our latest bleacher rental project was for a Christian School needing additional seats for a football season.

Follow this link to see sample projects where rent bleachers in North Carolina.

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Questions about Bleachers in General (16)

Do bleacher rentals or installations have to be inspected by the city?

Whether or not your bleacher rental or bleacher installation will need to be inspected depends on your location.  Some cities may require engineered drawings for the bleachers and in depth inspections prior to use, and some cities and states do not have any inspection requirements.   This is something you must find out prior to renting, and we are happy to help if you need to know who to contact.   Some bleacher rental companies rent bleachers that are not approved in every location, so it is important you do a little homework to ensure you don’t receive any citations for failing to comply with local ordinances for bleachers.

What is the difference between an elevated and non-elevated bleacher?

A non-elevated bleacher is bleacher system that has first row seats with the person’s feet directly on the ground.    These are the kind of bleachers you typically see for the visitors section at football or soccer games.

An elevated bleacher has a raised front walkway and then the seating goes up from that height.  Elevated bleachers are more commonly used for larger events or events where you would want the audience to have a little height such as for races.

Rental Bleachers, Inc. can provide your event with non-elevated or elevated bleachers depending upon availability.  Be sure to specify if you have a preference!

Can I get covered bleachers to protect against rain?

Covering the bleachers is as easy as renting a tent big enough to go over them.    If you need a tent to have covered bleachers to keep out the weather, we’ve got you covered… ha!   Just let us know what we can do to help make your event a success.


How many people can a bleacher seat?

The bleacher seating capacity is determined by the length of the bleacher, the number of rows and the number of aisles needed.    We have all kinds of options available depending upon the space you have available for bleachers.  For some events, the square footage is limited, so we have to customize a seating solution using different combinations of bleachers.

The best thing is for you to reach out and let us know the type of event and how many you need to seat, then we can let you know your options!

What is an angle frame bleacher?

An angle frame bleacher is simply a bleacher system that had been manufactured using angle frame metal components.  The angle can be either steel or aluminum.   The angle frame typically has the same look and feel of a leg truss or permanent grandstand, the only difference is how the understructure looks.   The angle-frame bleachers can typically be installed much quicker as well.    Sometimes angle frame bleachers can reveal the bracing and frames for the support structure, so a lot of customers will ask for wind screens to help provide a cleaner look for the bleachers.

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Our Rental Bleachers Feature:

  • Code Compliant Event Seating
  • Seating from 50 to 5,000 people
  • Easily installed indoors and outdoors
  • Unmatched customer service!
  • Safe, clean and comfortable rental seating
  • All aluminum bleacher construction – No wood or steel
  • Easily “covered” to provide weather/rain protection for spectators
  • ADA compliant bleacher seating on request
  • Short and long-term bleacher rental rates

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