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Rental Bleachers, Inc.


Affordable and Dependable Bleacher Seating Solutions

Short Term Bleacher Rentals

Have an event and need to rent bleachers for a day or a week?

Long Term Bleacher Rentals

Bleachers for a season or prefer to rent vs. buy?  We’ve got you covered!

Rental Bleachers

Can be used both indoors and outdoors as long as a suitable flat and level surface is available

VIP Spectator Suites

Add a VIP Suite to your event with our mobile spectator suites!  Great way to create exclusive VIP seating to your event.

Used Bleachers

Check out our current used bleacher inventory to save money when replacing or adding bleachers to your venue.

Bleacher Inspections

Need assistance deciding what to do with your current bleachers?  We offer inspections to help you plan maintenance for your bleachers.

Why Rental Bleachers Inc?

Indoor / Outdoor / Short-Term / Long-Term — You name it and we’ve done it. Our portable aluminum bleachers for rent are maintained to the highest standards and we pride ourselves in our client relationships and outstanding customer service.

When you contact RBI for your event seating needs you will work with the same person from start to finish on the project.  We are always available for your calls (800-931-6870and promptly respond to any messages or emails.  ([email protected].)


Rental Bleachers, Inc. (RBI) provides quality aluminum angle frame bleacher rentals for temporary event seating both indoors and outdoors.  Our grandstand and bleacher rental service area started in Florida and the company expanded services to Georgia within the first year of business.  We now provide portable seating solutions for larger events across the southeastern US and even nationally when we can provide competitive rental prices for our clients. We also provide bleacher sales to allow customers to buy used bleachers from our rental inventory.

You need Dependable!

Since we began our rental bleacher services, we have successfully completed over 300 events and have never missed a deadline or let down a client. 

Our current rental bleacher inventory is around 5,000 seats however we will provide seating solutions for events as small as 50 if they are close to our warehouse location or if we can make it work financially for our clients.  Each year, our goal is to increase our rental bleacher inventory while maintaining focus on our commitment to our current and long-standing clients. 

We are proud that each year we have repeat clients renting bleachers for multiple events, and we are positive that if you give us the opportunity to provide quality aluminum bleachers for your event, you will never consider using another rental bleacher company.

What type of seating do you need?

+ Make someone feel special!  Add a VIP Hospitality Suite for fans and/or staff

Traditional Bleachers

These standard bleachers can be installed in 5, 10, or 15 rows high (call for details).  These products are assembled on site.

Elevated Event Deck

Mobile VIP event deck with ADA compliant wheelchair ramp, multiple seating locations and removable umbrellas

Mobile Bleachers

Mobile or Towable bleachers are an excellent choice for events with a tight delivery or removal time frame. 

3 Row Bleachers

An intimate layout that is perfect for seating  small crowds in tight spaces. Easily moved around as needed.

Hospitality Suites

Air conditioned event suites for VIP areas and Corporate Hospitality suites.  Optional tented or covered roof deck.  

What is The Process Like?

It’s easy to rent bleachers with Rental Bleachers, Inc.  We make sure the bleachers are up to standards for your local codes and ordinances, we make sure the bleachers are set-up and looking great before your event, and we make sure you never knew we were there once the event is over. 

Give us a call or send us an email with your event details, and we’ll help you knock seating options off your checklist for your event so you can focus on giving your guest the best experience.

1. Contact RBI with Event Details
In order to provide accurate costs and options for your event, you will need to know the following information:
  • City and State of event
  • Event Dates or length of rental period (i.e 1 day, 1 week, 1 month)
  • Number of people you want to seat in the bleachers
  • Indoor our outdoor event
  • Any special or unique details of your event or location
2. Agree on Contract and Terms
RBI will put together a formal contract with all of your unique event information and once agreed upon by both parties and executed, we enter into the planning stage of the project.
3. Planning for Bleacher Rental
During this phase of the contract, RBI issues appropriate insurance certificates and sealed drawings (if required). If any changes are needed on the clients end regarding schedule or layout, this is the time to make required modifications. 
4. Delivery and Assembly of the Bleachers.
Delivery of the materials requires access to the area for the trucks and trailers (Unless pre-discussed with other terms)
The assembly time can range from a few hours to a few days depending on the size and scope of the project.
Our crews are safety first and wear all appropriate safety gear during this phase. 
5. Awesome Event with Lots of Seating
Do your thing, our bleachers sit tight, even if your attendees don’t!
6. Bleacher Removal

After the event, RBI will arrive at the agreed upon time and start the removal process. The removal process is usually a little faster than the assembly.  After the removal the site is left just as it was prior to assembly with the exception of any trash accumulated by the event which is the clients responsibility 

Rental Bleachers for Crowds of Any Size

+ You can add a VIP Hospitality Suite for fans and/or staff

Standard Bleachers

Can be installed in 5, 10, 15 rows high with seating ranging from 20 to thousands
More Details

Non-elevated bleachers start at ground level and begin to rise at 8″ per row.  They are the most economical choice for temporary bleachers as they do not require the entry stairs or ADA ramps that Elevated bleachers require.

VIP Decks and Suites

Make your event a truly next level experience with mulitple options and furnishing packages available

More Details

Elevated Bleachers are a great choice for events that need to see over objects directly in front of the bleachers.  Elevated bleachers have a raised front walkway of 32″ above grade and then a rise of 8″ per row.  All elevated bleachers require both entry stairs and ADA ramps for access to the seating.  These bleachers provide excellent views but the costs are much higher than a standard bleacher due to the additional labor, materials and time needed to assemble.

Mobile Bleachers

Mobile or Towable bleachers are an excellent choice for events with a tight delivery or removal time frame. 

More Details

Towable bleachers are delivered with a truck and must be driven into the location for placement.  Once placed, they are “folded” out using a hydraulic system.  The entire set up time can range from just a few minutes to around 45 minutes per unit depending on the site details.

Our Bleacher Rental Service offers:

  • Code Compliant Event Seating
  • Seating from 50 to 5,000 people
  • Easily installed indoors and outdoors
  • Unmatched customer service!
  • Safe, clean and comfortable rental seating
  • All aluminum bleacher construction – No wood or steel
  • Easily “covered” to provide weather/rain protection for spectators
  • ADA compliant bleacher seating on request
  • Short and long-term bleacher rental rates

How many bleachers do you need?


bleacher seating calculator

Use this chart to help you calculate the number of bleacher units you need based on the number of guests. Click here for more information on calculating bleacher seats.


Thank you to your team at RBI for providing the grandstands for our event this season.  They were greatly appreciated and enjoyed.  We look forward to another great event next year!

Florida Grandstand Rental

“Michael, Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and your team! You provide stellar service and we thank you!”

S. Wilson

Florida Bleacher Rental

“I have worked with Rental Bleachers, Inc. for years, and they have always been honest and reliable.”

Jake B

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